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Women Of All Ages

  • Meet financial guidelines based on family income
  • 35—39 years of age, eligible for one mammogram
  • 40-64 years of age, yearly mammograms
  • No insurance
  • Over 65 years of age, Medicare pays
  • For an appointment, call 217-876-1111.

If you have any breast problems (lump, drainage, dimpling, puckering), you need a diagnostic (not a screening) mammogram. Talk to your doctor. DMH has a diagnostic mammogram program available. If you don’t have a doctor, call 217-876-2856.

The Mammography Initiative is supported by a grant from Come Together Be Empowered.

Screening Mammograms provided at these convenient locations:

Call 217-876-1111 to schedule a mammogram appointment at any of these locations:

DMH Breast Center
Decatur Memorial Hospital
302 West Hay Street, Suite 117
Decatur, Illinois

Forsyth Imaging Center
389 West Weaver Road
Forsyth, Illinois

South Shores Imaging Center
1689 South Franklin Street
Decatur, Illinois

Sullivan Medical Center
1220 West Jackson
Sullivan, Illinois

Shelbyville Medical Center
415 North Cedar Street
Shelbyville, IL 62565