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DMH Introduces 3D Imaging Technology to Detect Breast Cancer

In addition to your screening mammogram, if you have been diagnosed with dense or very dense breast tissue, have family history of a mother, sister or daughter who had breast or ovarian cancer, or had a breast biopsy, ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) screening and Tomosynthesis offer 3D breast imaging to increase early breast cancer detection.

Key benefits of Tomosynthesis:

  •  Lower Dose Radiation Exposure
  • Superior 3D Image Quality
  • Single Compression

Key benefits of ABUS:

  • No Radiation Exposure
  • Superior Image Quality
  • 3D Ultrasound

ABUS and Tomosynthesis are available at the DMH Breast Center, 302 W. Hay Street, Decatur. Call 217-876-2320 to find out if ABUS or Tomosynthesis is right for you.

Our mobile van can come to your place of business, church, or community center. Call 217-876-2320 for more information.