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Mastectomy Supplies and Fittings

As part of the DMH Breast Center services, the DMH Medical Equipment offers products and services to breast cancer patients. We provide compassionate and caring staff that is specially trained to help meet the needs of breast cancer patients, to help them make the adjustment to life after a mastectomy. They understand the individual needs and will help patients find a comfortable post-mastectomy prosthesis. Our staff can request a prescription from your physician for a breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras so that the cost will be covered for insurance purposes.

We understand that breast cancer affects each woman differently and we are here to provide resources and services to help each cancer patient through their cancer journey. DMH Medical Equipment(DME) offers products and services that minimize the effects of cancer therapy including:

A specialized fitter is available to help meet any special needs
  • Post Mastectomy Products: Breast Prosthesis, Camisoles, Lumpectomy Fillers, Mastectomy Bras
  • Compression Garments
  • Head Wear: Hats, Head Wraps & Turbans
Appointments Preferred – Walk-ins Welcome
Most insurance carriers accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid and we will bill your insurance carrier.

What is a prosthesis?

There are various types of post-mastectomy and lumpectomy prosthesis, also called breast forms. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of types, shapes, sizes, and colors.
The type of prosthesis required is determined by the amount of breast tissue that is removed. A prosthesis can be worn against the skin, inside the pocket of a mastectomy bra, or attached to the chest wall. Prosthetic devices are designed to look feminine while ensuring comfort.

DME utilizes the following manufacturers:

  • ABC
  • Amoena DME provides a variety of Amoena style caps directly in the DME store and are available to patients for cash sale only. Our mastectomy fitters are available if patients need further assistance, please call 217-876-4040.
  • Classique
  • Trulife Breast Care

Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Located at 2875 North Water Street, Decatur, IL 62526

For more information or to make an appointment, call DMH Medical Equipment at 217-876-4040