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Heather Woodard

Heather has struggled with her weight since she was a child. At 23, she decided she wanted a life change. She looked into long term solutions, and found Memorial Bariatric Services at Decatur Memorial Hospital.

She spent six months preparing for her surgery with nutrition counseling and physical therapy. “A lot of people think getting Bariatric Surgery is a quick fix,” said Heather Woodard. “But it is an entire journey and building a new relationship with food and your body. “

“One year later, I still have to wake up every day and make the choice to be healthy,” continued Heather. “The DMH staff taught me that I do not need to live to eat, I eat to continue to live.”

Heather is an advocate for taking back your life now, “I suggest to anyone that is struggling, do not wait – this program does not just prepare you for a surgery, they truly care and help you learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Heather began her journey at 291 pounds, wearing a size 24 pants. One year later, she is now 186 pounds and wearing a size 10!

To learn more about Memorial Bariatric Services at Decatur Memorial Hospital call 217-876-4249.