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Kendall Briscoe

Meet Kendall, a Decatur native who does not have a typical weight loss story. She began the process of Bariatric Surgery at 46 with no health issues, beyond her weight. “I never felt like my weight defined who I was,” reminisces Kendall Briscoe, Facility Communicator Caterpillar Inc. “This was a very personal journey, and was the absolute right thing to do for ME. I honestly wanted to have a good quality of life and researched and did my homework on the process.”

“I began meeting with the nutritionist and the psychologist at DMH,” continued Kendall. “I was committed, and took this as a serious responsibility. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but you have to trust the process, this is not a quick fix – you must be committed to a serious lifestyle change.”

“The nutritionist at DMH helped me establish lifelong eating habits,” said Kendall. “Having the surgery was just another tool in my toolbox.”

Two years later, Kendall has lost 170 pounds. With dedication and determination – she went from a size 26 to a size 6. “I feel like my body can finally keep up with my brain!” says Kendall. “My outside now matches me on the inside.”

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