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What is Trauma?

Trauma refers to a serious or life-threatening injury sustained by a patient that could result in secondary complications such as shock or respiratory failure. Our team of trained surgeons, physicians, nurses and medical staff is providing a new standard of trauma care in Macon County.

For any patient who experiences an acute traumatic injury including –

  • Blunt or penetrating wound to the head, torso and/or neck and groin
  • Blunt or penetrating trauma with unstable vital signs, respiratory compromise and altered mental activity
  • Two or more areas with potential life or limb threat
  • Multiple trauma with greater than or equal to 20% Total Body Surface Area Burn
  • Amputation above wrist or ankle
  • Limb paralysis and/or loss of senses above the wrist or ankle
  • Flail chest
  • Ejection from motor vehicle
  • Fall greater than or equal to 20 feet

A higher level of care for our patients

Advanced Diagnostic Technology – our physicians are armed with advanced technology that delivers precise images of vital organs and severe injuries in seconds – getting trauma patients into treatment faster.

24/7 Surgical Coverage – For severe injuries requiring intervention, our trauma surgeons/traumatologists, are prepared to spring into action with fast access to surgical sub-specialists: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, obstetrics, cardiothoracic, orthopaedic and urology.

Specially trained nurses – DMH trauma nurses have received additional certification in trauma care. They are specially trained to respond quickly, assess the often complex needs of each trauma patient, stabilize their condition and prepare them for emergency surgery, if necessary.

Coordinated care after treatment – Our trauma care doesn’t end in the ER. If critical care is necessary we have intensivists available 24/7 in our newly renovated ICU.