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ENTA Allergy, Head, Neck & Thyroid

What is ENTA?

DMH ENTA Allergy, Head, Neck & Thyroid is your family’s most comprehensive medical and surgical care for diseases and disorders related to the ears, nose, throat, thyroid, parathyroid, and endocrine.

Also known as Otolaryngology, ENT is a medical specialty focused on the ear, nose and throat. Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in both medicine and surgery—and have special qualifications to perform surgery on the complex tissues of the head and neck.


Steven Sobol, MDSteven Sobol, MDJeffrey Ulis MDJeffrey Ulis, MD


Bethany Gibson, MD

ENTA Direct

  • Faster, direct access to a provider
  • No referral necessary
  • Rapid feedback to your Primary Care Physician

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