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colonoscopy screening“Are you still having abdominal discomfort? Did you get a colonoscopy last year?” These are the questions Karen’s doctor asked her during her yearly appointment.  At the time, she thought “Of course I didn’t follow through with getting an appointment. Who wants to get a colonoscopy? I’m active, I’m healthy, and I’ll get one someday.” That day, Karen’s Doctor made a referral. While Karen went in for a routine colonoscopy – the results would forever change her life. Karen had a large polyp with pre-cancerous cells that needed to be removed. Four months later, another appointment was made to remove additional cells. “This is when Dr. Eloy told me there was a mass that could only be removed by surgery”.  At Karen’s next appointment she met with her surgeon, Dr. Singh. “He gently broke the news that I would need to have a major surgery to remove the mass. He explained that because of where the mass was located, he would need to remove much, much more – eighteen inches more. This was all very overwhelming for me.” Karen was told that if there were cancerous cells in her lymph nodes she would need follow-up treatment. “I hoped it wasn’t too late. Why didn’t I get my colonoscopy when I turned fifty? Could this have been prevented?”

Karen had her surgery immediately after Christmas. “Thankfully, the surgery was successful and my mass had not turned to cancer, although it was well on its way. We caught it early!  Another six months, it could have been a different story.   A medical friend of mine once told me that a colonoscopy screening is one of the most important screenings for prevention. At the time, those were just words.  Now, I know it is a life-saving procedure.

Regular screening or testing is one of the most powerful tools for preventing cancer. At DMH Cancer Care Institute, we offer a variety of screenings to help ensure our patients are able to live long and healthy lives.  Through our screenings we are able to help detect and treat the different forms of cancer during the early stages, ultimately leading to increased survival rates for you or your loved ones.   For Karen Boyer, a routine Colonoscopy screening did just that.

To schedule your screening today please call 217-876-1111.