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Maintaining a relationship with your primary care provider through even your youngest and healthiest years ensures a healthy and happy future. It is important to have a primary care physician at every age, but regular visits in your 20’s in addition to proper nutrition and exercise, is an excellent step toward preventative care and healthier years ahead.
So, if you’re not sick, what do doctors look for? Even if you are not experiencing prominent symptoms, doctors perform routine checks and screenings for both physical and emotional wellbeing as well as baseline tests for different body systems to monitor as you age.
Prashant Morolla MDPrashant Morolia, MD
Family Medicine

Baseline mole and overall skin exam—once every three years by a physician
Practice monthly self-exam of all moles

Baseline cholesterol panel—total, LDL, HDL and triglycerides
Blood pressure—at least annually
Fasting cholesterol test every five years

Eyes, Ears and Teeth
Baseline vision
Baseline hearing
Semiannual dental visits for exam and cleaning

Tetanus once every ten years
Meningococcal vaccine—discuss with healthcare provider if attending college

Mental Health
Depression screening
Anxiety screening

Diabetes check—fasting blood glucose
Alcohol misuse
Tobacco use
Domestic violence

Men’s Health
Testicular cancer monthly self-exam
STI screening

Women’s Health
Monthly self breast exams
Annual internal exam with pap test (including STI screening)
Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV)—up to age 26

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