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I feel fine. Why should I go to the doctor?

Having a primary care provider will help keep you healthy as you age. Annual visits to your primary care provider are the first step to preventing health events like cancer, heart disease and stroke. Based on your individual needs, your provider can recommend age-appropriate tests and screenings to provide better preventative care.

How else will I benefit from primary care?

Your primary care provider is committed to providing coordinated care for all your medical needs. Primary care providers act as a central point of contact between other specialists—and can refer you should the need arise. Your primary care provider knows your medical history including existing conditions and family history, making it easier to provide the necessary care and more accurate diagnoses.


How do I find a primary care provider for my family?

Primary care providers are your health advocates. By finding a provider that you can develop a relationship with, your provider will get to know you and your health goals. You are partners—both committed to the same goal. Proactively caring for your body and mind today protects your well-being for the future.


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