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Introducing advanced imaging quality at Decatur Memorial Hospital to better diagnose your heart problems.

Discovery™ NM 530c Nuclear Imaging System
The Discovery™ NM 530c Nuclear Imaging System is an advanced nuclear cardiology imaging system that provides highly detailed pictures of the heart that enable doctors to assess the location, extent and severity of heart disease quickly and accurately.

Non-invasively pinpoint areas of blockage more accurately and evaluate the heart in a shorter time frame than traditional stress tests.

4D Echocardiography
Provides enhanced crisp image quality that is so precise it produces never-before-seen details of your heart.

Enables stress testing at low patient radiation dose levels with lower artifacts and shorter exam times.

The DMH Heart & Lung Institute offers Macon County’s only comprehensive heart program focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart related diseases.

For more information, call 876-2480.