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When Experiencing Symptoms Of A Heart Attack

  • Call 911 and get to Decatur Memorial Hospital immediately
  • Don’t drive yourself to the hospital
  • Place ONE uncoated 325 mg or FOUR 81 mg adult aspirin(s) under your tongue and let it dissolve
  • Uncertainty is normal – don’t be embarrassed by a false alarm.


If you are with someone who begins to have chest discomfort, especially with one or more symptoms of a heart attack, call 911 and get to Decatur Memorial Hospital right away.

Even if you are unsure whether you are having a heart attack, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Calling 911 can quicken your care and save precious minutes. The sooner you can stop a heart attack, the better chance you have of surviving without having major lasting effects.

Common Symptoms Of A Heart Attack For Men & Women

CHEST PAIN This is the most common and most recognizable symptom of a heart attack. However, chest pain can come in different forms including discomfort, pressure, or a heartburn-like feeling.
SHORTNESS OF BREATH Often occurring before the chest pain, it may feel like you can’t catch your breath or you can’t breathe fully and fill your lungs.
LIGHTHEADEDNESS You may feel dizzy as if you might faint.
COLD SWEATS Characterized by cold and clammy skin, you may break out in a cold sweat or sweat and have the chills at the same time.

Symptoms Of A Heart Attack MORE COMMON IN WOMEN

PAIN IN THE ARM, BACK, NECK, ABDOMEN OR SHOLDER BLADES You may feel a prolonged pressure, tightness, or aching.
JAW PAIN Chest pain may move from the chest upward to the throat and jaw, feeling a tense or choking feeling.
NAUSEA AND VOMITING Associated with a feeling much like a stomach flu, the irritation of the heart nerves can cause adverse reactions in the body
UNEXPLAINED OR OVERWHELMING FATIQUE Unusual exhaustion or tiredness is often overlooked, but is very common