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Diagnose Heart DiseaseWe can detect, diagnose, evaluate and manage heart disease at the molecular level using Cardiac PET/CT. It is a scan of the heart that uses a diagnostic imaging agent to detect the presence and/or extent of heart disease. It allows DMH cardiologists to diagnose heart disease non-invasively using the highest level of diagnostic detection available.

DMH is the only community hospital in Illinois that provides Cardiac PET/CT utilizing next generation PET isotopes.

Molecular imaging using Cardiac PET/CT:

  • allows physicians to go beyond an image and diagnose heart disease and cardiac arterial disease at the highest level of detection
  • is more accurate and precise, which means fewer tests and a faster diagnosis
  • is safe and non-invasive
  • helps physicians be better informed when choosing treatment, monitoring response, and adapting therapies for the individual

“Cardiac PET/CT is the gold standard of imaging tests in determining the viability of restoring blood supply to heart tissue,” said Madhu Jyothinagaram, MD, Cardiologist, Illinois Heart Specialists at Decatur Memorial Hospital. “Clinical studies have demonstrated that Cardiac PET/CT is superior when it comes to identifying heart disease, making this test the most reliable non-invasive heart imaging technology available.”

Cardiac PET/CT gives doctors similar results that a more invasive cardiac catheterization test would give. It is a valuable non-invasive test that is used to determine if a patient has heart disease, the severity of the disease, and what treatment is recommended.

ONE Non-Invasive Heart Test: Cardiac PET/CT Perfusion

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