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Decatur Memorial Hospital has paved the way as the first in Macon County to provide dedicated space for cardiac care. Through the DMH Heart & Lung Institute, residents of Macon and surrounding counties have immediate access to a dedicated facility in Macon County with state-of-the-art, heart-saving technology and medical staff.

Don’t Be Still My Beating Heart

Decatur Memorial Hospital brought Open-Heart Surgery to Macon County in 2002. Until recently having open-heart surgery meant stopping the heart from beating and using a heart-lung machine to pump blood to the brain and other vital organs. The DMH Heart & Lung Institute has the expertise to perform virtually all open-heart surgery with beating heart techniques. This is unlike many other heart programs – the majority of which still stop the patient’s heart during surgery.

For the patient, Decatur Memorial Hospital’s expertise in this area means shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, reduced pain and trauma, less risk of stroke or kidney failure and reduced health costs.

Decatur Memorial Hospital’s cardiac expertise has not gone unnoticed. We are among few labs that have received the following accreditations:

  • The Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging Accreditation by ICAEL.
  • The Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Accreditation by ICAVL
  • Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory Accreditation by the ICANL

Cardiac Surgeons

For more information, call 876-2880.