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Breast FeedingBreastfeeding is important for both moms and their babies, but is not always easy.  Which is why DMH is proud to provide lactation support before baby arrives, while mom is in the hospital, and then after mom and baby go home.


Breastfeeding Classes:

DMH offers an array of classes to help mom and their support team prepare for nursing, including classes.  Visit our Classes page for more information.


At the Hospital:

Early breastfeeding is a time for learning, and both mother and baby may benefit from some time with an experienced teacher. Our nurses are excellent resources for starting breastfeeding; however, if you need additional support, our Certified Lactation Consultants are available for assistance. They will help you learn effective positioning techniques, solve problems and guide you over the bumps on the road to breastfeeding success. For inpatient lactation support, call 217-876-3400.


After the Hospital:

To reach our lactation specialist after leaving the hospital- Please call our Maternity Care Center at 217-876-3400

Breastfeeding Resources:

Information AFTER your stay

  • Support information
  • Lactation
  • Important Phone numbers