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When to call your prenatal care provider:

Your provider will discuss what signs and symptoms to watch for during each stage of your pregnancy. These recommendations will vary for you individually considering your current and past pregnancies, and your medical history.
During normal business hours you may call the office with any questions or concerns.
If you are not able to reach your provider during normal business hours and/or after normal business hours, you may come directly to the OB Unit on the 3rd floor of the hospital – an experienced labor and delivery nurse will contact your provider after discussing your symptoms.
When should I call or come to the hospital?

  • If you are having contractions or uterine cramping
  • If you think your water is leaking or has broken
  • If you have a persistent low backache, not relieved by resting
  • If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding with or without pain
  • If you are experiencing less movement from the baby
  • If you notice a headache, visual disturbance, or pain in the upper abdomen


Where should I go?

  • For unscheduled visits or arriving between 8pm and 6am: Enter through the Emergency Department – the triage nurse
  • Pregnant WomanFor scheduled visits arriving between 6am and 8pm: Enter through the Kirkland Lobby (where registration is located off Monroe Street). We want to make it as easy as possible so Valet Service is offered at this entrance.
  • You will not need to stop at the registration desk – for your convenience and comfort, our OB staff is happy to take care of registration once you arrive on the OB Unit.

If you think you are in labor and your prenatal care provider’s office is closed, please contact 217-876-3400 for instructions.


After Arriving:

We recommend you designate one person who can call family and friends to update them on your progress. Family and friends who are not in the birthing room are welcome to wait in our family lounge, located on the 3rd floor of the hospital. Please note nursing staff is not permitted to give out information about you or your baby due to patient confidentiality.