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Dialysis Inpatient Services

DMH is the only Decatur hospital with a full time in-house staff for hemodialysis. They are always available in the hospital or on-call at all times. These RNs and hemodialysis technicians have special education in hemodialysis. A nephrologist provides the medical care in regard to hemodialysis.

The personnel in this department are also specially trained in administering Therapeutic Plasma Exchange treatments. This treatment can remove plasma from the blood that contains substances, which are being harmful to that patient. It can be used in a variety of illnesses that may involve the blood, the immune system, the nerves, the joints, or the kidneys. Oncologists, hematologists, neurologists, or nephrologists often oversee this kind of treatment.

Located in room 4110, we have four dialysis stations. The dialysis machines are portable and can be moved to the ICU, IMC, CVU, or to an isolation room when need arises.