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  1. What are the most common tests which require fasting?
    Lypid profile and fasting blood sugar.
  2. Is there any special preparation a patient must do for fasting tests?
    Fast for 10-12 hours before the test. Take medication provided and only drink water. All other tests (non- fasting. do not require any patient prep.
  3. How do I get my test results?
    After your lab work is complete, patient results are sent to the doctor specified on the order.
  4. Central Illinois Community Blood Center (CICBC) is the only blood center that supplies blood to Central Illinois.Donors need an identification card or Donor ID card and must be in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and be 17-years old or older. Donors must wait 56 days between donations.

    For more information, call (866) GIVEBLD (448-3253) or see Established in 1971, CICBC is a not-for profit organization providing blood for 14 central Illinois hospitals.

  5. Tips for parents for child blood draws:
    We understand that taking blood draws from a child can be a scary process. We would like to reassure you that we have vast experience with this process and are here to help. The best thing you can do for your child is distraction. Bring a favorite toy, blanket, or sweet.
  6. How long do some culture tests take before getting results?
    Most culture tests take 48- 72 hours to show results. There are some exceptions that may take longer; such as, fungus or tuberculosis tests.
  7. What reference lab does DMH use to send out tests?
    We use ARUP located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  8. How does billing and insurance work for lab tests?
    When you come to the DMH Laboratory, we will collect your medical insurance information. DMH will bill the insurance company directly. No money is collected at the time of service.