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Prostate Cancer Detection for Physicians

C-11 Choline PET scan

Actual C-11 Choline PET scan showing evidence of prostate cancer.

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C-11 Choline At Glance


C-11 Choline PET CT and MRI are now available at Decatur Memorial Hospital for imaging patients who have a biochemical relapse with prostate cancer. DMH is one of only a few hospitals in the US that provide this imaging technology.

Suspected prostate recurrence is based upon elevated blood prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels following initial therapy. Conventional imaging tools such as CT scan, bone scan or MRI, might show the precise location of prostate cancer only once PSA has reached a value of 20.0 ng/mL – 30.0 ng/ML. C-11 choline PET has the highest sensitivity at low PSA levels (2.0ng/mL) for detection of prostate cancer in men who have a biochemical relapse after primary treatment. This earlier and more precise detection can allow treatment to begin sooner and to be more accurately targeted.

During the scan, prostate cancer absorbs the choline and the scanner picks up the exact locations of tracer concentrations. Lesions appear as brightly lit spots or areas. C-11 Choline has a rapid rate of decay, losing half of its radioactivity every 20 minutes, which means the tiny amount of original radioactivity is gone quickly from the patient’s body.

In the largest published study in the U.S. on C-11 Choline imaging, there was a 32 percent increased detection rate of prostate cancer lesions which were not identified on conventional CT scan and bone scan.

Decatur Memorial Hospital is accepting and scheduling patients for C-11 choline PET CT imaging, for both primary diagnosis and subsequent biochemical response. If your patient has a C-11 Choline PET CT at Decatur Memorial Hospital, you will be provided with the radiologist’s report and a disc of the images for your own records. Our radiologists are available for consultation and can be contacted at (217) 876-2331.