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Decatur’s only Alter G, Antigravity Treadmill, uses patented NASA air pressure technology to unload a client’s normal body weight. A client will be able to walk or run from a range of 100 percent body weight down to only 20 percent of his/her body weight. The treadmill controls the client’s body weight by lifting and unloading the patient by pumping air into the air chamber. The Alter G treadmill is very beneficial for clients who want to exercise as well as recover from injuries.

There are several benefits of the Alter G:

Gait re-education:

We can unload a client’s body weight until a patient is able to walk a normal gait pattern without limping or “favoring” a side.


In collaboration with other exercises and manual techniques we can use the gait training effects to improve patient’s outcome from, back, hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries or surgeries.

Exercise/Weight Loss:

If someone has difficulty walking/running due to pain we can unload his/her body weight so he/she can perform at a pain free level and exercise longer.


Allows people to understand and feel what it feel like if they lost 5, 10 percent, etc of their body weight.


There is no risk of falling off the Alter G.

For more information, call 217-876-4976.

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