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Sports Medicine

​Since 1995 DMH Sports Medicine Program has been committed to promoting health and safety among the physically active population in the community.

The DMH Sports Medicine program works closely with local orthopedic physicians and provides physical and occupational rehabilitation services, assists with custom orthotic fittings, assists with concussion management and treatment.

DMH Sports Medicine, an affiliate of Decatur Memorial Hospital, is a sports rehabilitation program that provides health care needs to athletes as well as physically active individuals. The program specifically addresses and treats all musculo-skeletal injuries associated with sports and other medical problems that would prevent an individual’s normal physical function.

DMH Sports Medicine offers highly trained professionals to assist with your outpatient rehabilitation. Located on 2122 N. 27th Street, this rehabilitation facility offers the latest in specialized rehabilitation equipment to return you to normal activities as quickly as possible.

We provide the newest standards of sports rehabilitation for all surgical sports injuries including, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repairs and major tendon ruptures.

No matter what game you play, powerful speed and agility will give you the winning edge.

For information, contact us at 217-876-4975.

DMH Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
2122 N. 27th St.
Decatur, IL 62526
Phone: 217-876-4975
Fax: 217-876-5375