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Donate to the Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Association

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    Under Gift Designation, be sure to check “DMH Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Association Scholarship Donation”.

Pay Dues

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    Under Gift Designation, be sure to check “DMH Nurse Anesthesia Dues”.

2018 Dues Payment & Scholarship Donations

The deadline for paying annual membership dues has been extended until July 2, 2018 due to an error in the online link. We apologize for this inconvenience.

NEW THIS YEAR: Scholarship donations are being requested this year to defray the cost to students for individual purchases of APEX – an online review course to help prepare them for the National Certification Exam. Our goal is to award each new student part of the $350 he or she must pay for the course. Make your check(s) for dues and APEX scholarship donation payable to the “DMH Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Association”. Note on your payment that the amount is for dues and/or the scholarship. They are tax deductible for individuals who itemize deductions. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Your credit card statement or cancelled check will serve as a receipt.

Checks should be mailed to:
DMH Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Association
1262 E. 1000 North Road
Tower Hill, Illinois 62571
Attention: Betty Horton
Email Questions to

Credit card payments:
Dues and donations may also be made by credit card or online. To make payments online go to:
2. Fill out the fields
3. Gift Designation section – Make sure to check “DMH Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Scholarship Donation” and/or “DMH Nurse Anesthesia Dues”.
4. Click Donate Now payment button

Payment Form
Your membership is important to the success of our Alumni Association. Dues are used for student events and operational expenses. Scholarship donations will go toward the cost of APEX. Please provide the following information!
DMH graduates: $50 and Students: $10 – Honorary members $25 (optional)
Address with zip
Email address

Student APEX scholarship donation
Please help make it possible to meet our goal to help students purchase APEX – an online course to prepare for the Certification Exam. Tax free donation of $__________