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What is EpicCare Link?
EpicCare Link is an internet-based service specially developed to provide physicians who refer patients to DMH a secure connection to information about their patients’ treatment.

How does EpicCare Link work?
EpicCare Link provides registered users with secure, immediate access to the electronic medical record information and test results from DMH.

What computer equipment does EpicCare Link require?
To access EpicCare Link you will need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high-speed or DSL internet connection (dial-up not recommended) and current browser edition of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. EpicCare Link uses industry-standard encryption technology ensuring that only you and the staff at DMH have access. We recommend installing the latest version of JAVA and Adobe Reader on your computer. You can install the latest versions at: Java website and Adobe website

Who should sign up for EpicCare Link?
Users who regularly need access to patient results and who are not given Epic Hyperspace (e.g. some providers, physician office staff, nursing homes, etc) should sign up for EpicCare Link. Administrators/Directors/Managers at facilities will be responsible for submitting security requests and signing confidentiality agreements.

What do I do if I can not log into EpicCare Link with the secure login and password?
Make sure that you are going to the correct web address url, login, and password given to you. If you are still having trouble, please call toll free 844-408-6748.

What information is available within EpicCare Link?
EpicCare Link provides view-only access to the patient’s full electronic medical record, including lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medications, allergies, medical history and more.

How long does a Primary Care Provider have access to a patient’s medical record?
External Providers who have been identified in the system by the patient as the patient’s Primary Care Provider will have access to the medical record, for as long as the provider is indicated as such.

How long will other providers with a relationship to the patient have access to the medical record?
Other providers with a temporary relationship to the patient, such as admitting, consulting, and referring physician, will have access to a patient’s electronic medical record for 90 days following the encounter. Access to electronic patient medical records for providers without an established relationship will be granted via First Access functionality for ten days.

What is First Access?
First Access allows temporary access to the electronic patient medical record for users who provide key patient identifiers to access the record.

Is there a fee for using EpicCare Link?
DMH is providing EpicCare Link at no cost to those who refer their patients to DMH for care. EpicCare Link is a web-based service that requires no installation on your servers or computers.