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DMH Signature Health


Adult Medical Practice

DMH Signature Health is a 24/7, member-based medical practice with a core belief that the foundation of optimum well-being is a healthy lifestyle. We offer a personalized approach to your wellness, intentionally limiting the practice size to devote more time to your personal needs.

The annual membership fee is $1380 and $2000 for a married couple. This membership fee can be paid annually, semi-annually or quarterly. For more information, call 217-876-5390 or visit our FAQ page.

We understand your demanding schedule and offer unlimited direct e-mail and phone access as well as appointments within 24 hours (usually the same day). We take the time needed to thoroughly investigate and discuss your health.

Our trained nurse navigator and medical concierge are devoted to helping guide you through complex issues and the healthcare system.

Concierge Services

  • Direct 24/7 access to a board certified internal medicine physician
  • Same-day or next weekday appointments
  • Comprehensive and customized care in small practice setting
  • Complimentary telephone and e-mail consultations and diagnostic testing
  • Expedited referrals to DMH Medical Group specialists
  • DMH Signature Health personalized education & wellness programs
  • Membership and program discounts to fitness, diabetes, and weight management programs
  • Complimentary walk-in injury clinic

DMH Medical Group

We coordinate your appointments with specialists within the DMH Medical Group. The practice is seamlessly connected electronically across the entire Decatur Memorial Hospital spectrum tracking your medical records over time, identifying preventative care needs, and monitoring and measuring critical parameters.

We are committed to providing quality care and information to advance treatment decisions quickly and safely. Your signature access to DMH includes cutting-edge diagnostic technology and revolutionary treatments to detect disease earlier so you receive personalized treatment faster.

Dr. Goetter

Stephen R. Goetter, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine

Stephen R. Goetter, MD, FACP is a board certified Internist who has practiced in Decatur for more than 35 years. After completing training at SIU School of Medicine, Dr. and Mrs. Goetter moved to Decatur where they raised their three sons. Dr. Goetter and staff are excited to offer personalized ‘patient-first’ care in their new practice!

Wellness Services

In-Depth, Age-Appropriate Screening and Exams All Included in an Annual Membership Fee

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES39 & Younger40 - 4950 & OlderFrequency
Physical ExamXXXUnlimited
Lab Wellness Tests: CBC, CMP, UA, TSH, Lipids, PSA, B12, Folic Acid, and Vitamin DXXXAnnual
Heart ScoreXXXAnnual
Vascular ScreeningXXXAnnual
Thyroid ScreeningXXXAnnual
Carotid Artery ScreeningXXXAnnual
Sleep Apnea ScreeningXXXAs Necessary
Resting ECGXXXAs Necessary
Pelvic ExamXXXAs Necessary
Flu ImmunizationXXXAnnual
Tetanus ImmunizationXXXEvery 10 Years
Musculoskeletal Flexibility Exam, Training, & EducationXXX3 Visits Per Year
Whole Body CTXXEvery 5 Years
AudiogramXXAs Necessary
Abdominal Aortic U/S (men, by 65)XAnnual
Bone Density Scan (women 50+) (men 65+)XAnnual
CT Lung Screening (age 55-77) (30 pack/year smoking history)XAs Necessary

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We are committed to providing personalized, patient-centered care at DMH Signature Health’s primary care concierge medical suite. This includes providing client care coordination, pre-visit planning, testing, lab and specialist coordination, electronic medical record utilization, and communication of education and outreach programs.

For more information call 217-876-5390
DMH Signature Health
241 W. Weaver Road, Suite 145D • Forsyth, IL 62535

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