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Signature Health FAQ’s

Can my children be members of DMH Signature Health?
We welcome the children of DMH Signature Health members that are post puberty to age 25 for no additional membership fee. You must be a member for these privileges to apply. For children who have not reached puberty, you may contact the DMH Medical Group Primary Care Navigator (also known as the Physician Link) at 217-876-2856 for a list of DMH physicians welcoming new pediatric patients. The annual membership fee of $1380/year applies to any individuals over the age of 25.

What are my payment options for the annual membership fee?
The annual single membership fee is $1380 and $2000 for a couple membership. This membership fee can be paid annually, semi-annually, monthly, and quarterly.

Does my annual membership fee in DMH Signature Health cover all of my medical expenses?
The annual membership fee covers Signature Health office visits and the tests associated with your age-appropriate first annual visit and subsequent year visits as outlined in the included wellness services. Additional healthcare services and testing may be required outside Signature Health. Charges for services provided outside the Signature Health office will be billed to your health plan.

What additional benefits are available to Signature Health members?
Signature Health members can participate in a series of educational opportunities, screenings, and discounts at no additional cost.

If I can reach my provider “24/7” does that mean that he is physically in the area every day of the year?
Your DMH Signature Health physician is available via phone and direct email 24/7. If an office visit is needed, members will be guaranteed next day appointments and in many cases same day appointments will be accommodated. In the event that your physician is out of the office and immediate care is needed, your Nurse Navigator will be available to see you and make an appropriate referral, if necessary, to Express Care or the Emergency Department. Charges for services provided outside the Signature Health office will be billed to your health plan.

Can I use HSA dollars for my membership fee?
Your membership fee may not meet the criteria to be considered a qualified health care expense under your employer’s HSA plan. We advise you to consult your HSA plan.

Does DMH Signature Health bill my insurance carrier?
DMH Signature Health will not bill your insurance. If you are referred to services outside Signature Health, charges may be billed to your health plan.

Will my doctor take care of me if I am admitted to DMH?
In the event you are admitted to DMH, your care will be directed and provided by a physician of the DMH Medical Group. Your DMH Signature Health Physician may make personal visits and discuss your case with the inpatient healthcare team. DMH Signature Health is seamlessly connected to DMH via Epic electronic records. Your DMH Signature Health physician will be rapidly updated on your results and condition. After discharge, your physician will follow up on your care in a personalized setting at the DMH Signature Health office. If at any time you have questions, Signature Health provides a trained nurse navigator and medical concierge devoted to helping guide you through the healthcare system. In addition, you will have direct access to your test results via Epic MyChart and your personal sign-on code.

If I am on Medicare, can I be a member of DMH Signature Health?
Medicare members may join Signature Health. The membership fee is currently not covered by Medicare.