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Celebrating 100th Anniversary of First Baby Born at Decatur Memorial Hospital

Wednesday January, 20th 2016

January 20, 2016…First Baby Born at DMH in 1916Thomas Duke Seldomridge was the first baby born at Decatur Memorial Hospital on Jan.19, 1916. He weighed 10 pounds.

He was born at DMH because of the vision that Mrs. Sue Hagaman had in 1896 on her front porch in Bethany. She dreamed of a hospital in Decatur where babies could be born.

This dream spurred her driving passion for the next two decades. Mrs. Hagaman worked tirelessly until the day her dream became a reality.

On Jan. 1, 1916, Decatur Memorial Hospital opened its doors. Within a week, 17 patients had been admitted. And on Jan. 19, 1916, the first baby— Thomas Duke Seldomridge was born.

FINALLY! A hospital in Decatur where babies could be born.