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DMH to Partner with PointCore to Provide Electronic Medical Record

Wednesday January, 21st 2015

January 20, 2015… Decatur Memorial Hospital has partnered with POINTcore, LLC, a division of OSF Healthcare System in Peoria, Ill., to implement EPIC, a single electronic medical record (EMR) system that will further enable DMH physicians and staff to provide the best care to our patients. DMH is the only hospital in Decatur to implement one electronic medical record technology.

EPIC is a fully integrated electronic medical records system, that is seen by many in the health care industry as the leading standard for patient records and has traditionally only been available to larger hospitals and health systems. Through this partnership with POINTcore, LLC, DMH is able to use EPIC technology and share the benefit of a single EMR with our patients and caregivers.

Utilizing EPIC technology, key clinical information is available 24/7, including medical history, medications, laboratory and radiology results, allergies, surgery results, immunizations and emergency room visits. This ensures that no matter when or where a patient is seen within our health system, providers have access to their complete medical record when needed.

Working together to focus on a common direction around the patient allow for DMH to take advantage of the extensive work that OSF has made on its advancement of technology while helping DHM eliminate some of the costly computer systems. “We are pleased that through this partnership, we will be able to provide the DMH caregivers with access to the same electronic medical record available at larger hospitals and their patients will have the convenience of access to their own EMR,” said Jim Mormann, Sr. Vice President CIO OSF HealthCare & POINTcore, LLC.