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Local Phone Scam

Wednesday July, 11th 2018

July 11,2018…”DMH has been made aware of potential phone scam activity making use of its caller ID.

DMH has received information from patients or caregivers that they have received calls from what appears to be a DMH caller ID. The callers have asked for bank account and personal information. Although the calls appear to be from DMH, it is actually a scammer who is “spoofing” a DMH number.

DMH wants the public to be aware these calls are taking place.

Anyone who has received such a call, particularly those who have had no interaction with a department at a DMH facility, are encouraged to hang up. Those concerned the call may be legitimate, call DMH back using the main switchboard number 217-876-8121. Then ask the operator to be connected to a specific department.

DMH encourages everyone not to call the number provided during the original call, as well as to report the potential scam call to their local police department.”