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Specific Performance Enhancement Center Hosts National Qualifying Strongman Competition

Friday September, 2nd 2016

September 2, 2016…Watch some of the area’s strongest people compete in the Specific Performance Enhancement Center’s Central Illinois Strongman Classic Competition.

The national qualifying event is Saturday, Sept. 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at DMH Health Specifics in the Crossfit Enhance gym, 2122 N. 27th St., in Decatur. Strongman competition is the world’s premiere strength sport for professional and amateur athletes. The top two competitors in their weight class will go on to compete in the United States Strongman Nationals June.

Approximately 40 people age 17 to 50 will compete in the following six events:

Yoke Carry – Athletes will move a loaded yoke down a 50-foot lane for time. Time is capped at one minute. The weight is set for each weight division.

Farmer Carry and Keg Medley – Athletes will move farmer carry handles 50 feet and return with a keg. Drops are allowed. Implement weight is determined by weight division. Fastest time completed wins. (weights are listed as “farmers per hand/keg weight”)
Car Deadlift – In this event, athletes will have one minute to complete as many repetitions as possible using a car deadlift frame loaded with a vehicle. Men should expect to lift a full size car/light truck. Women should expect to lift a compact car/coupe. Straps and hitching are allowed. Conventional stance only. Highest number of reps wins.
Log Max – In this event, athletes will clean and press a log for a max weight. Any techniques may be used (push press, split jerk, etc.) This event will be done for max weight using a rising bar system. Wessel’s Rule in effect; failed attempt results in disqualification. Athletes will have one minute on the platform to complete each attempt. Women and teens will use a 10 inch diameter log, Men will use a 12 inch diameter log.

Atlas Stones Over Bar – In this event, athletes will attempt to load an Atlas Stone over a set height marker as many times as possible in one minute. Tacky is allowed. Stone weight will be set for each weight division. Women will load over a 48 inch bar, men a 52 inch bar. The individual with the highest number of successful reps wins.
Tickets for spectators are $5 at the door; children under 12 are free.