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Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

Decatur Memorial Hospital will provide emergency and medically necessary healthcare services for free or at discounted rates to patients who are uninsured or have limited insurance available (underinsured).  Generally speaking, patients eligible for discounted charges must have family incomes under 600% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, while patients eligible for free care must have family incomes under 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Financial assistance may also be available in other limited circumstances, depending on the size of the patient’s medical bills and whether the patient meets certain other criteria for eligibility.


Patients seeking financial assistance may apply by completing a Financial Assistance Application.  Copies of the Financial Assistance Application, as well as the DMH’s Financial Assistance Policy and Billing and Collection Policy.  Patients may also request free copies of the Financial Assistance Application and the foregoing policies by mail, or by calling 217-876-4457, or may obtain free copies in person at the DMH’s Business Office, 2300 North Edward Street, General Services Building, Decatur, Illinois, 62526. The Financial Assistance Application and the foregoing policies (as well as this plain-language summary) is available in English or Spanish.


Completed Financial Assistance Applications should be submitted via U.S. Mail to 2300 North Edward Street, Decatur, Illinois, 62526, or delivered in person to the Business Office (General Services Building) or emailed to


Persons seeking more information or needing assistance in completing the Financial Assistance Application may contact one of the Hospital’s trained Financial Counselors in the Business Office at 217-876-4457.


A patient qualifying for financial assistance under the Hospital’s Financial Assistance Policy with respect to emergency or medically necessary care will not be charged more than the amounts generally billed by the Hospital for the same services to individuals who have insurance covering such care.

Billing Collection Policy

Financial Assistance Policy