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Quality Data

As a healthcare consumer, you have choices. To help you choose, hospitals are being compared based on performance in clinical quality, nursing care, patient safety, and satisfaction. Scores on these measures can help you decide where to receive your care.

Process of Care
A process of care measure is medical information from patient records converted into a percentage that shows how well hospitals care for patients with pneumonia, with congestive heart failure, who are admitted after a heart attack and for patients who have had surgery (SCIP-Surgical Care Improvement Project). You can use this information to compare hospitals. Go to For process of care measures, DMH far outpaces state and national averages. But that is not enough. We will continue our focus until we reach 100 percent of all measures and continue to work to maintain that highest level of care.

At Decatur Memorial Hospital, we take quality very seriously. That’s why we’ve been collecting and measuring our quality performance for many years, long before hospitals were asked to submit data by the federal government. We want to be completely candid or transparent about our performance.